I’m  forever grateful to my father Robert Altman to be in his DNA Pool.

I’ve worked with my dad on many movies as I got older and to say I learned much would be the most understated understatement.

My dad was a groundbreaker with sound ( MASH, Nashville) as well as the look of a picture and how he dealt with casting and the actors (Gosford Park)

Most of my own filmmaking skills were unconsciously learned and I am for sure Robert Altman’s son. but besides being of his DNA; I have my own as well.

I bring many many years of experience to the table from my Episodic TV Work, to Movies & Commercial, and I handle each project as a different “dance partner”.

ArtVortex Mission Statement

“To create new and Innovative content for the uplifting of the collective human consciousness”

Robert Reed Altman / Owner – President